Apache HBase is an open-source, NoSQL database that is built on Hadoop and modeled after Google BigTable.

  • HBase provides random access and strong consistency for large amounts of unstructured and semi structured data in a schemaless database organized by column families(data stored in the row is grouped together and is so called as column family).

  • Schemaless Database
  • Hbase can handle petabytes of data on thousands of nodes. It can rely on data redundancy, batch processing, and other features that are provided by distributed applications in the Hadoop ecosystem.
  • This allows low latency allowing human-unnoticeable delays between an input being processed and the corresponding output providing real time characteristics.and increased elasticity in performance and cost choices. 
  • This enables customers to build interactive websites that work with large datasets, to build services that store sensor and telemetry data from millions of end points, and to analyze this data with Hadoop jobs. 
  • The HDInsight implementation leverages the scale-out architecture of HBase to provide automatic sharding (Sharding is a type of database partitioning that separates very large databases the into smaller, faster, more easily managed parts called data shards. The word shard means a small part of a whole.) of tables.
  • Strong consistency for reads and writes, and automatic failover. Performance is enhanced by in-memory caching for reads and high-throughput streaming for writes.

How is data managed in HDInsight HBase?

Data can be managed in HBase by using the creategetput, and scan commands from the HBase shell. Data is written to the database by using put and read by using get. The scancommand is used to obtain data from multiple rows in a table. Data can also be managed using the HBase C# API, which provides a client library on top of the HBase REST API. An HBase database can also be queried by using Hive. 

Bypass Youtube Copyright Problems

Bypass Youtube Copyright Problems

  • Audiovisual works, such as TV shows, movies, and online videos
  • Sound recordings and musical compositions
  • Written works, such as lectures, articles, books, and musical compositions
  • Visual works, such as paintings, posters, and advertisements
  • Video games and computer software
  • Dramatic works, such as plays and musicals
Ideas, facts, and processes are not subject to copyright. In order to be eligible for copyright protection, a work must be both creative and fixed in a tangible medium. Names and titles are not, by themselves, subject to copyright.

Your video can still be claimed by a copyright owner, even if you have...

  • Given credit to the copyright owner
  • Refrained from monetizing the infringing video
  • Noticed similar videos that appear on YouTube
  • Purchased the content on iTunes, a CD, or DVD
  • Recorded the content yourself from TV, a movie theater, or the radio
  • Stated that “no copyright infringement is intended"
25 Highest Paying IT Companies in India

25 Highest Paying IT Companies in India


Size: 10000+ employees
Starting Salary: Software Engineer-₹8,16,578
·         Free transport
·         Free Meals
·         Wellness reimbursement
·         Work life balance

Interview Process

·         There was a written test first, it was from hackerrank. 
·         Total 4 technical rounds

Interview Questions

·         basic Os questions, famous puzzles, puzzles like balls, height etc
·         Basic programming question like prime number, factorial in first round.
·         Second round: Again some programming question and its complexity.
·         Implement with time and space complexities  
·         Write a program to find the second maximum element in an array. (Optimization required);
·         Implement Stack;
·         To find the first repeating character in a given string;
·         To find a common point in two linked list.
·         Write a C program to delete a node from a tree.
·         Merge two sorted linked lists to from a new sorted linked list without creating a new list i.e. with least space complexity. Also write its space and time complexity and test cases to test your code.
·         How would you test a login page? Mention test cases.
·         Three puzzles. first one was racing horse puzzle, second one was missionary cannibal problem and third one is mentioned below
·         There are 10 containers marked as 1 to 10. Each container contains 10 coins. each coin weighs 100 grams but there is one container which contains coins weighing 90 grams. Find that odd container in single iteration. 


·         Website: https://www.amazon.jobs/
·         Size      : 10000+ employees
·         Starting Salary: ₹13,17,451/per year

·         Salary
·         freedom to wfh

Interview process

·         Initial HackerRank based screaning
·         The interview consists of 4 rounds.
·         Each round was focussing on problem solving skills.
·         All the interview questions were from GeeksForGeeks

Interview Questions

·         Data structures and algorithms
·         Write the code to remove half nodes in a binary tree?
·         clone a linked list.
·         implment stack using queue and vice versa.
·         Find median of two sorted arrays.  
·         LCA of k given nodes in binary tree.  
·         Given a warehouse and tasks which are dependent on other tasks write the sequence of the tasks.
·         Given two unknowns in a valid parenthesis question how would you decide if it is valid or not.
·         Print nodes at a distance k from a given node.
·         Clone a linked list with random pointers.
·         Add two numbers represented as linked lists.
·         Given 1 represents A, 2 represents B....., 26 represents Z, find the possible character strings for a given number 12345.
·         Implement queue using stack


·         Website : www.arcesium.com
·         HeadquartersNew York, NY (US)
·         Size: 501 to 1000 employees
·         Starting Salary : 9,17,500/per year

·         Amazing work environment and great salary
·         Great food
·         compensation and benefits are great here

Interview Process

First round was aptitude and coding round which had 15 aptitude questions to be solved in 20 mins and 2 programming problems to be solved in 45 mins. Then there were 3 technical interviews. This was followed by an HR interview

Interview Questions
  • Is HashMap thread-safe? Give a thread-safe implementation of HashMap.
  • How Hash function works? How objects are hashed? How Data is stored? Can hashcode override affectes Hash Function & How?
  • What is difference between int and Integer?  
  • Create Mysql schema for order Management System.
  • Difference between Mongo-DB and Mysql?
  • Which is faster among Java, c++ and C and why?  
  • Explain your role in your previous company  


·         Website : www.bankbazaar.com
·         HeadquartersChennai
·         Size1001 to 5000 employees
·         Starting Salary: ₹13,82,552

Pro’s & Con’s
·         more leaves, snacks, WFH Options
·         10+ working hours


·         Hackerrank based test (90 mins, 2 problems)
·         Telephonic interview (40-50 mins, 1 problem) through CollabEdit
·         4 Onsite interviews, Interview problems were mostly based on algorithms and design.

Interview Questions

·         In C, how to make a pointer point to itself?
·         What is encapsulation?
·         Puzzle: Minimum weights you need to be able to form any weight from 1 to 31. [Answer: 1, 2, 4, 8, 16] 
·         Variation of Inversion counts of an array.
·         cloning of linked list with random pointers with multiple approaches.
·         Notification Management system design for Logistic company.
·         Level order traversal of BST.
·         print k distance node from given a node in a tree.
·         You have been given a million words, Input is a string. find all anagrams in the list.
·         Messaging(having source and destination with timestamp) pair design problem.
·         Java multithreading and collection framework.
·         Reverse alternate K node in LinkedList.
·         Iterative post order traversal of a tree. 
·         Find all the sets of anagrams in a list of strings. 


·         Website www.caratlane.com
·         Headquarters Chennai
·         Size 201 to 500 employees


Telephonic to gauge the overall expertise in the technical area you are strong and to know the knowledge of your skillset, In-Person technical problem solving, algorithm questions and questions on the web and server side technologies. Mostly technical discussions and problem-solving questions. Very few behavioural questions to judge your cohesivity with the team.

Cisco Systems

·         Website www.cisco.com
·         HeadquartersSan Jose, CA (US)
·         Size10000+ employees
·         Starting Salary: ₹10,78,943


1.1st round was f2f asked basic Java Question.
2.2nd round was f2f asked project and design pattern question
3.3rd round was managerial round, asked normal question.

 And Remaining ...

  • CodeNation
  • D. E. Shaw & Co.
  • Dell
  • Directi
  • HP
  • Huawei Technologies
  • Indix
  • Intel Corporation
  • Morgan Stanley
  • NetApp
  • Nutanix
  • PayPal
  • Practo Technologies
  • Qualcomm
  • Software AG
  • Symantec
  • Symphony
  • Tower Research Capital
  • Yahoo
  • YuMe

Top 5 Best Live Cricket Streaming Sites for Free

Top 5 Best Live Cricket Streaming Sites for Free


#1.CricBuzzTv.com (Best of Bests)

This is an ultimate site to watch online live cricket streaming. No Ads.CricBuzzTV


There is, clearly, the most popular online live cricket streaming website, it get millions of hits every day. You can watch both International as well as domestic games on Crictime. You’ll have fun watching your favorite match as long as you have internet connection that too anytime anywhere.Image result for crictime logo


If you are a cricket lover than you need no info about this website, this is an ultimate site to watch online live cricket streaming, also you can see various details like live score card, latest news and updates are also right there on site.
No automatic alt text available.


Webcric is another popular online live cricket streaming website, it also get many hits daily. Like crictime, it also has many server, so you can watch more than one match at time.
Crickpk is a new site to watch online live cricket streaming. BCCI official website telecast matches which include India in the same way CrickPk telecast all matches involving Pakistan.
Image result for webcric logo


I think not much introduction required. Live by 1 over slow.
Image result for hotstar logo

The Best one is none other than #1.CricBuzzTv.com (Best of Bests)Image may contain: text